The Effect of Pressure on Student to Get Good Grades

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Student life is exciting. But it can also be very pressured and stressful. A lot has to be achieved in the limited time available. For sure in the end of every semester all of students they are under pressure, each one of them need to get a good a grades. This pressure effect on students in their health, when the pressure effect on their health they will lose to manage their time, this problem lead to forget to do some assignments, and you feel like you cannot continue the course and you feel nervous and you scare that you maybe fail on this course. On this essay I’m going talk about the effects of pressure on students.

The pressure of getting good grades in university can be caused by a variety of factors. The student may be pushed too hard by the parents to do well. The student may also be haunted by a future with no education and little financial support. The immediate effect of overwhelming pressure can result in a high amount of stress, which is unhealthy for the student's physical and mental health. A student, whether at university may begin to feel pressure by parents to do well. Normally, the parents apply pressure upon the student in order to keep up with university and to not allow the student to fall behind. The parents do not want to see their son fail in the classroom and wind up being unsuccessful in the working world. But this care can lead the student to fail and parents don’t know that. However, giving too much attention is not always positive
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