The Effect of Position on Heart Rate

Topics: Heart rate, Person, Immanuel Kant Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: September 15, 2013
The Effect of Position on Heart Rate

This lab explores the effect of head position on an individual’s heart rate by having a subject move it’s head while simultaneously monitoring the subjects heart rate. There were three successive periods during which the heart rate was monitored that occurred in this order: a resting stage (subject sitting upright), a stage with the head positioned between the knees, and a recovery stage (subject returns to upright position). The graph depicts a wide range of fluctuation during both the resting and the recovery periods: resting heart rate from 17.673 beat per minute (bpm) at low point to 92.308 bpm, recovery heart rate from 35.088 bpm at low to 78.289 bpm (Fig 1). However, the recovery period appears to have a lesser range of fluctuation than the resting period. Heart rate is most consistent during the stage with the head positioned between the knees: low bmp at 69.364, high bmp at 85.714. It does not look as if there are any consistent readings of the heart rate during these monitored stages.This lab provided the opportunity to observe whether an individual’s heart rate changes with different positions of that individual’s head. This experiment was not able to definitively demonstrate a direct correlation between the subject’s heart rate and the subject’s head position. In the beginning recovery stage, the heart rate does significantly drop which might indicate that moving from a position with the head between the knees back to upright did cause a change in the heart rate. However, there is an even greater increase in the beginning of the resting stage in which the subject did not change his/her head position. The sensitivity of the heart rate monitor should also be considered, as it is very sensitive to environmental vibrations. This indicates that perhaps there were errors in the readings from the heart rate monitor and that it may have been registering external vibrations from the environment or from movement of other...
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