The Effect of Poor Lightning Condition on Spelling Performance in 3rd Year Psychology Students

Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Cognitive psychology Pages: 5 (1354 words) Published: February 1, 2011

The Effect of Poor Lightning Condition on
Spelling Performance In 3rd year Psychology Students

Cachapero, Luis Billy
Comia, Bam
De Leon, Hannah
Del Rosario, Abbey
Labuguen, Jensee
Litong, Ed Howard
Salazar, Chevali
Sunga, Melissa
San Beda College

The study was conducted to assess the disruption of cognitive performance such as spelling proficiency in a classroom with poor lighting condition. The participants were 31 students, who participated for course credit. It was hypothesized that participants undergoing the spelling test with poor lighting would report low results. The result of the mean is 4.87 while the standard deviation resulted to 1.91. We conclude that the results indicated that cognitive process such as vocabulary usage is greatly affected by poor lighting condition and is an affective instrument for determining how the subjects will respond to the given situation.

The Effect of Poor Lightning Condition on
Spelling Performance In 3rd year Psychology Students
Vision is the ability of the brain and eye to detect electromagnetic waves within the visible range of light that makes them interpret this image as "sight." Humans are a diurnal species (active in daytime) usually exposed to light while engaged in cognitive tasks. Light not only guides performance on these tasks through vision but also exerts non-visual effects that are mediated (Vandewalle, Maquet & Dijk, 2009). People also can easily determine which changes in darkness and lightness are due to the physical properties of objects and the changes in illumination (Goldstein, 2008). The same research conducted by Vandewalle et al. (2009) also demonstrated that recent advancement studies ion vision which demonstrates that the wavelength, duration and intensity of light exposure adjust brain responses to (non-visual) cognitive tasks and adapts to different conditions. A similar study entitled “daylighting impacts on human performance in school” was conducted by Heschong, Wright & Okura (2002) which aims to demonstrate a clear relationship between the presence of daylight and human performance. In humans, light enhances both alertness and performance during nighttime and daytime and influences regional brain function (Vandewalle & Balteau, 2006). The results of these researches suggest that the adjustment of cognitive process and performance can vary to those people who are experiencing it with different and changing lighting condition as to support the claims of Makihara, Takizawa, Shirai & Shimada (2007). Much of the studies conducted came with the conclusion that the more there is light, cognitive performance is absolute. In contrast, Landsberger (1955) found out in a study conducted by Hawthorne works that the workers’ productivity seemed to improve when changes were made and slumped when the study was concluded. Landsberger (1955) suggested that the productivity gain was due to the motivational effect of the interest being shown in them. However, it does not permit conclusions to be drawn about whether the lighting condition caused reductions in performance or was just a consequence of motivational effect in them (Simonson & Brozek, 1948). In terms of effectiveness of lighting condition in increasing or reducing the performance of the subjects, the low lighting in the workplace may suggest that some of the subjects were just motivated in improving their performance to compete or may have been another case of demoralization. These drawn conclusions may suggest that this study is not that highly validated, thus, making it not that reliable also. The present study was an attempt to assess the disruption of cognitive performance, such as spelling proficiency in a classroom setting with no lighting. And the relationship of lighting and visual performance (Rea, 1992). Based on past experimental research on light as a modulator of cognitive brain...
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