The Effect of Planned Oboslescence on Consumer Preference

Topics: Business ethics Pages: 19 (5355 words) Published: December 1, 2010
I. Complete the sentences using the correct alternatives.
1 I don’t agree with you at all.
a) complain b) criticise c) agree
2 Shop at Davey’s – we stand for quality and reliability. a) quantity b) quality c) standard
3He failed to review quality procedures.
a) delayed b) arranged c) failed d) insured
4 Each person will receive a bonus according to their sales
a) turnover b) bonus c) discount d) commission
5 I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend the next meeting. a) attend b) propose c) second d) go
6 You should comply with all regulations to enable the delivery to go smoothly. a) regulations b) surveys c) customs d) tariffs
7 We are looking for original products not mass-produced ones. a) long-lasting b) mass-produced c) well-known d) high-quality 8 The product comes with a two-year warranty
a) warranty b) compensation c) subsidy d) cover
9 My boss would never accept a bribe
a) bribe b) corruption c) compensation d) fraud
10 We’ve found a niche in the market.
a) prosperity b) niche c) quote d) plead
11 All the staff were asked to reorganise to Spain.
a) outsource b) invest c) relocate d) reorganise
12 There’s a problem with the machinery so the quality of the goods hasn’t reached its usual standard
a) fault b) flaw c) standard d) design
13 B-Voy Bank is looking for three new bank officers to work in its new high street branch
a) branch b) factory c) plant d) store
14 It’s important that we get a patent for our product soon so that no one can copy our ideas.
a) breakthrough b) discovery c) brainwave d) patent
15 This organisation is too hierarchical There are four forms for everything! a) bureaucratic b) hierarchical c) flexible d) progressive 16 Bed-Lux has recently taken over its main rival Duvet-Delights. a) merged b) taken over c) reorganised d) outsourced

17 I am writing to invite you to present your research findings at the ECR conference.
a) network b) socialise c) present d) talk
18 Pre-tax profits have plummeted to an all time low of $1.2m. a) plummeted b) skyrocketed c) soared d) risen

II Complete the gaps in the sentences using the correct form of the word in brackets.
19 BTW is an advretising (advertise) agency that specialises in hoardings and billboards.
20 Some companies compare their main competing (compete) products with their own.
21 Susan had lots of ideas for new ads, but they were all less than inspiring (inspire). 22 What do you think is the best way of promotion (promote) our latest credit card – a commercial or leaflets?

23 Some companies use humorous (humour) slogans to attract consumers. 24 One successful advertising technique is celebrity endorsement (endorse). 25 Shall we attend the Munich exhibition (exhibit) this year? 26 Nike experimented unsuccessfully with its expansion (expand) into non-athletic shoes.

27 The campaign set out to make the juices look as mouth- watering (water) as possible.
28 Bad publicity (publicise) is often considered better than none at all. 29 Were you pleased with the outcome of the negotiation (negotiate)? 30 It’s important for companies to deal effectively with complains (complain).

31 The government is bringing in new regulation (regulate).
32 The Co-operative Bank is well-known for its policy of ethical investment (invest).
33 Globalization (globalise) damages local jobs and services. 34 Does your company offer any form of compensation (compensate) for poor quality goods?
35 Have you found a solution (solve) to your problems yet?
36 There is huge competition (compete) in this region.
37 What choice (choose) do I have?
38 We’ve got the threat (threaten) of redundancy hanging over us.

III. Complete the gaps in these sentences using the words from the box. bankruptcy venture capital rating recession statement refund 39 Would you like to receive your bank statement monthly or...
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