The Effect of Family Problem

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The effect of family problems in students?

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Every family have problems. How they affect students depends on how the parents handle the situation.

Lets take a divorce as an example. This always affect students. I've seen the initial withdrawal, uncertainty and depression, but if the parents are in mutual agreement when it comes to their child then the child is able to cope better. In terms of performance in school, usually there is a drop in grades as the child deals with what's going on at home. Grades improve as time goes on and the child accepts the situation.

On the other hand, I have seen a divorce so bad that it puts the child right in the middle. There is no mutual agreement for what's best for the child. The mother wants things her way and the father his. They can't bear the sight of each other, even if it means meeting for the sake of their child. This makes it very hard for the child and for the school that has to accommodate for both parents separately. Two parent teacher conferences, two copies of report cards, two of everything because the parents can't agree to share. This is very sad indeed. The child seems to be handling it well, but there is some hesitation, some shyness among other children and the child doesn't seem to be performing at full potential in school. The child doesn't say much about it and you just know the child is holding all emotions back. Makes you wonder what the parents are thinking.

This was two years ago. Recently I got a call from one of the parent's representative, it went to voice mail. The rep wanted my opinion on the behavior of the child when in the custody of the other parent. I have yet to call back. The parents are just playing a game. I am not going to get in the middle of a two-year battle. When the rep does call back and I pick up, I don't really know what I am going to say. It does make me mad that they're using me as leverage. So if that's how I feel, how do you think...
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