The Effect of Child Abuse and Exposure in Domestic Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse Pages: 7 (2245 words) Published: May 11, 2013
The Effect of Child Abuse and Exposure in Domestic Violence

The purpose of this research is to identify the hypothesis, variables, concepts, and to specify what the author intended to do with this study. The main focus in the study is the effects of child abuse and violence exposure of an adolescent as a child and the behaviors that have or have not occurred within time. The participants in the study range from age, gender, as well as race. This will help evaluate the effects that have been present or developed internally and externally.

The article that I have been analyzing is about the effects of child abuse and exposure to domestic violence on adolescents. Evaluating if there are any inner and outer outcomes within the adolescent while witnessing, being a victim of, or potentially abusing others as a child. The social condition is held within the household and outside the household where they may have been exposed to abuse or domestic violence. The basic problem being discussed is to discover how adolescents, potentially who been exposed to abuse or domestic violence change in behavior as a child until their adolescent years.

The purpose of the study was explanatory because it explains probable effects and causes the adolescent may have. It also provides statistical data that shows how the case study was held in discovering the effects of the adolescent with abuse and domestic violence. The study only had the particular purpose of the inner and outer effects of an adolescent due to abuse and domestic violence as a child. The authors explained the importance of the research question/problem by letting the reader know that child abuse and the exposure to domestic violence was very high amongst children. The research question is relevant to social work practice because it determines what may be the probably inner and outer outcomes that abuse and domestic violence can have among an adolescent if witnessed or experienced at a child.

There was no prior literature that was reviewed to compare with this study. There was a theoretical framework that was used within the explanatory research because it had sampled, measured, and analyzed the effects of the problem. The theoretical framework was psychological and developmental. It seemed appropriate for the study because the author was sampling, measuring, and analyzing the different behaviors that an adolescent had experience from the effects of abuse or exposure to domestic violence as a child. Since I think that the theoretical framework that the author used is appropriate for the case study there wouldn’t be another framework that I would use or suggest.

There were two hypotheses that were stated in the study. One was that the violence that is exposed to the child would put them in a increase risk to have inner and outer behaviors; and two was that an adolescent exposed to both abuse and domestic violence as a child would have a higher outcome than just having one type of abuse. I believe that these hypotheses were used in the terms of the theoretical framework because it’s still sampling, measuring, and analyzing through developmental and psychological factors over the period.

There were independent and dependent variables in the hypotheses within the study. In the first hypothesis the independent variable was ‘violence exposure’ and the dependent was that it will ‘increase the child’s risk of inner and outer behaviors’. In the second hypothesis the independent variable was ‘both child abuse and domestic violence’ and the dependent was that it will ‘show higher risk of the outcomes over any other type alone’. Both hypotheses and they’re variables reflected the theoretical concept because it was put in developmental and psychological means. The direction of association was hypothesized as negative because the study is based on the effects of abuse and domestic violence within the adolescent as a child and the behaviors that were apart of the...
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