The Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health

Topics: Air pollution, Epidemiology, Oxygen Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: November 6, 2012
The Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health

Yinghua Cui

English 151B - 11

Instructor Terry Taskey

May 2, 2012

The Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health
With the booming of science and technology, pollution has aroused wide public concern. Industrial civilization creates tremendous fortune. At the same time, automobile exhaust , the burning of waste, and a multitude of waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere. Humans live depend on air. Therefore, it is undeniable that air pollution will cause the catastrophe on environment and human beings. An environment scientist Neira said, "Air pollution is a major environmental health issue, and it is vital that we increase efforts to reduce the health burden it creates. If we monitor and manage the environment properly, we can significantly reduce the number of people suffering from respiratory and heart disease and lung cancer"(Currie). People should attach great importance to the health which is threated by the pollution. Though many researches show that air pollution has direct relation with serious disease such as heart attack and cancer, scientists continue explore ways to reduce air pollution. First, air pollution may increase the risk of heart disease. We know that the main factors causes heart attack are stress and lack of exercise, but the study suggests that air pollution may be a terrible cause of heart attack deaths as well. Air pollution not only makes people breath uncomfortablely, but also leads to a heart attack and other related cardiovascular diseases. According to the World Health Organization(WHO) research report," the dust particles concentration in the air is 35 times the standard recommended by the health organization, and that lung and heart disease caused by air pollution affects 8,500 people every year"( Xinhua News). When people breathe the polluted air, the air of carbon, iron, manganese, and other particles can be sucked into the lungs, and these substances...
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