The Effect of Advertising on Sales

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Name: Hashem El Sayad

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The effect of both integrated marketing communication (IMC) and marketing tools on sales.

Effect on sales


Advertising: advertising is a paid non-personal communication using various methods like (television, radio billboards and flyers) to reach the audience or the reader to have what we call in marketing brand awareness (the book pride w.and Ferrell o,2006,p189 and G.M.Brown AND F.A.Macina, Jan1940, 2)

Personal selling: personal selling is a paid personal communication where there is a sales person who tries to convince the customer to buy the product with different methods like telling him the new promotions or product knowledge (the book pride w.and Ferrell o,2006,p189)

Public relation: it is a wide communication effort that is most helpful to create a relationship between an organization and its public like for example suppliers, employee stockholders, the media, governmental officials, potential investors and the society in general stake holders. This kind of a relationship helps in improving the company to maintain its maximum efficiency (the book pride w.and Ferrell o,2006,p189)

Sales promotion: sales promotion is activities or materials that are very helpful to direct inducement or encouragement that adds more encouragement or incentives for the product which has a major helpful effect on resellers, salesmen and customers meaning that it will help resellers to easily buy the product or to be more beneficial to customers(the book pride w.and Ferrell o,2006,p189))

Direct marketing: it is a more popular way of selling products now a day by using the telephone how? the employee calls the customer and tries to convince the customer to Effect on sales

buy the product or the service or by the internet where the company has an official site where you can see all new products and you can also purchase it online or by the mail where the company sends mail to a customer and acknowledge him about all the knew products or services and if the customer likes the offers he will sent back a request for purchasing the product or the service((the book pride w.and Ferrell o,2006,p189and M.Evans, M.Patterson and L.O'Malley nov 2001, 17)

Integrated marketing communication(IMC): during the past decade the concept IMC there are several approaches that considers one of the definition of IMC is that it combines many marketing tools together like (sales promotion, direct marketing, advertising, personal selling and public relation).the second was which almost gives the same meaning is that it is the addition and organization of promotional activities and other marketing efforts for utmost informational and convincing contact, (the book pride w.and Ferrell o,2006,p189 Carlson and dorsch p 395)

Back ground

the effect of IMC mix on sales Is one of the major important topics now a day every marketer knows how important are the tools of IMC mix are on the market today because it contains of very important tools that affect the sales like sales promotion advertising public relation personal selling and direct marketing each tool helps differently in achieving the goals of marketing like of advertising for example it helps the brand or the product to have brand awareness and it helps in increasing the sales and on the long term it creates brand loyalty, as for public relation it helps In organizing the relationship of the organization with a lot of other parties like suppliers, employee stockholders, the media, governmental officials, potential investors and the society in general stake holders. or for personal selling it may achieve the same goal of advertising but in a different way were there is a personal confrontation for each other the sales person and the customer and the sales person is trying to convince the consumer to but the product at that same instant and Effect on sales

if he does not achieve this he will at least reach the goal...
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