The Effect of 3d Holographic Lectures in the Classroom

Topics: Education, Experiment, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: April 9, 2011

Current instructors are always searching for a way to increase levels of learning within the classroom. Recent research has indicated that the latest generation of college-aged students has been exposed to 3D technology throughout childhood and may actually benefit from the incorporation of this type of lecture within the classroom. Three lectures in 3D were created and viewed in the holographic lab by a group of students. The control group was given the same lecture, but in the traditional classroom, and both groups were given an exam on the material. Scores of the two groups were compared using an independent-t and results were calculated, finding a significant difference in test scores between the groups, indicating that the 3D lectures were a more effective method of teaching the material. The Effect of 3D Holographic Lectures in the Classroom

With the current generation of college students being bombarded by all types of technology, it is necessary for college instructors and professors to utilize different technological mediums (MEDIA?) within the classroom. Traditional lecture needs to be enhanced in a way that utilizes the technology that this generation is familiar with, in order to increase comprehension of material in the classroom. (BEING PRESENTED)

According to Santrock (2007), several factors are integral in the learning experience. “The learning of complex subject matter is most effective when it is an intentional process of constructing meaning,…coherent representations of knowledge,…instructional practices, …is influenced by the learner’s…beliefs, interests, goals and habits of thinking” (Santrock, 2007, p. 346). This would indicate that the use of virtual lecture(S ) within the classroom could be of great benefit to students whom are already familiar with the 3D technology that is utilized in the holographic lab.

Wilmes, et. al., (2008), found that 40-70% of our learning is due to environmental factors. Developmental brain...
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