The Educator in a Pastoral Role

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Parent Pages: 12 (4252 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Name: Voxi Gatani

Module: The Educator in a pastoral role Course Code: EDPHOD8 Assignment 01 Unique Assignment Number: 320619

You as a pastoral educator are therefore concerned about James’s wellbeing and decide to assist him. Provide your plan of action using the following as guidelines: SECTION 1: BACKGROUND

James is a Grade 9 learner at a secondary school where a strong Western culture existed before the school had to accommodate a diversity of cultures (White Paper on Education and Training 1995). Previously this was a school for English speaking learners with more or less similar backgrounds, cultures and values. Recently the school has come to consist of learners with Afrikaans, Northern Sotho and Zulu as their mother tongues – many of these learners are experiencing formal education in English for the first time. James and his friends have been building up a strong bond of friendship since their primary school years. Most of them came from the same primary school. They have also built up a lot of confidence in how they handle conflict, and support one another whenever one of the group experiences difficult circumstances. As he was quite a leader in the group, James was accepted and liked by all. He had also been popular with most teachers, with good behaviour and high school marks. However, James’s class teacher noticed a sudden drop in all his school subject results. Lately his behaviour was also unlike that of the carefree person he used to be. His class teacher had received a notice from James’s mother earlier that year explaining that she and his father divorced last year and that she had remarried during the December school holidays. Her new surname was indicated on the letter. Last Tuesday James and another classmate, Thabo, got into a fight. James pushed Thabo through a class door, which caused school personnel to rush Thabo to hospital because of serious injuries. The other learners were shocked by the anger James showed, and by the fact that he apparently feels no remorse.

1.1 Interpret James’ behaviour in terms of possible effects of a traumatic experience resulting from his parents’ divorce and/or his mother’s remarriage 1.2 Observe the effects of 1.2.1 a poor stepparent relationship and/or signs of abuse 1.2.2 possible signs of racism 1.3 Explain the possible effects of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on James’ behaviour. SECTION 2: COUNSELLING FOR JAMES

2.1 Define the concept counseling, and discuss the difference between counseling and support for learning problems. 2.2 Name and discuss James’ stage of psychological development (according to Erikson); outline how this stage could have contributed to his behavior; and explain how you will help him with his developmental goal(s). 2.3 Differentiate between parent involvement and parent counseling. 2.4 Develop an individual learning assistance program for James. Discuss important guidelines that you will take into account. Also refer to his learning areas and/or subjects. [50]


1.1 Interpret James’s behaviour in terms of possible effects of a traumatic experience resulting from his parents’ divorce and/or his mother’s remarriage The symptoms and behaviour displayed by James seem to indicate that his psychological disposition is in a state of disequilibrium. It must be pointed out however that an accurate assessment should precede any conclusion on the pathology of James’s apparent psychological instability but there certainly seem that the recent events in James’s life may have precipitated a crisis. At a time when the adolescent is trying to establish independence it can be disturbing for the family to break up, leading to concerns about safety and security of one’s family. There is a demonstrated association between parental divorce and adolescent depression (Alseltine, 1996). In the first instance, adolescents are continually having to adjust to new experiences, encounters and situations while at the same time...
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