The Educational Leader

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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  The program of studies is a total set of offerings provided for a group of learners at a particular level of schooling. In developing the program of studies, the principal and the faculty have two choices: (a) renew the program of studies by fine tuning the existing program to be sure that it is serving the present student body effectively or (b) restructure the program of studies, reconceptualizing the entire curriculum as a completely new program of studies. (Glatthorn & Jailall,2009, p. 77).  After reading the textbook, "The Principal as a leader," chapter 7 and chapter 8, as a principal/supervisor as a standard bearer, I've realized that renewing an existing program will be more effective when implementing standards, instructions, and an effective curriculum. This is most effective when there are minor changes that are needed, especially when resource are limited.(Glatthorn &Jailall,2009, p. 78).    Also after reading the handout, and the PowerPoint presentation; along with the New Jersey Core Curriculum standards, and the NCLB Act, I've realized that, one who leads a school or an facility that house students must develop a curriculum that best suits all students.  This may become successful by, (1) developing the knowledge base. (2) Identify the constraints and resources.(3) Determine the criteria to be used in evaluating the present program of studies. (4) Use the criteria in designing a comprehensive evaluation. (5) Systematize data, make final assessments for each criterion, and report results in a public document. (6) Discuss the final report with parents and teachers and prepare a strategy for action. (Glatthorn & Jailall, 2009, p. 79).    As a current Special Education Teacher,  I have the opportunity to educated students with multiple disabilities. I believe that instead of discarding  a curriculum, that was developed to served all students; we should fine-tuned the curriculum instead.  Principals and Standard -Bearers should created curriculum  and...
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