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  • Published : February 28, 2006
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The educational concepts that we find in "Edgy First College Assignment: Reading the Koran" by Patrik Jonsson and "Teaching Literature in the County Jail" by Christina Boufis both involve studying about something new to the students and inmates. In the "Teaching Literature in the County Jail" by Christina intrudes a new way of teaching the inmates, from photo copies of famous novels and making the inmates read it out loud. Where as in the "Edgy First College Assignment: Reading the Koran" by Patrik'' the audience, students are protesting against learning about the other religion/culture of people who attacked 9/11. The two novels are very different; they show one group of people who want to read and the other one doesn't. One essay shows how a group of students are required to read the Koran and they are protesting against it because its been assign only 1 year after 9/11 and a lot of people still have bad memories from that tragic day. People who didn't forget what happened are suing the school for making the students read Koran. From my point of view I think that you should learn about other people's cultures especially the culture of your enemies. You should keep your friends close and your enemies' even closer, some smart person said that. I mean how can you prevent attacks like 9/11? If you have no clue on the people who attack you? Like in military you should always get some intelligence on the enemies, so you would be able to prevent there next move or at lest slow it down.
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