The Education of Little Tree Summary

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The EdLittle Tree
The Education of Little Tree starts here, when Little Tree’s mom passed away and his grandparents took him in. He lived during a time of racism and prejudice that had lived on for many years between white people and Indians. He encounters this first hand on the bus ride to the wagon trail. His grandparents did not have tickets and when they entered the bus, the driver proceeded to make a joke and say “How!” and everyone on the bus laughed. Though Little Tree did not know this, he assumed that they were friendly people. They finally arrived at their stop and exited the bus and walked for an extended period of time to their cozy home hidden amongst the mountains. Google Images, 2012

“It’s better to wear out when ye’ve lost something”
(Forrest Carter, 1976)

The Way
I Kin Ye

The Way or nature’s true reality, as I would say, existed as a way of life that most people failed to realize and to take notice of. It was something only the people who lead a simple, yet elegant life would possibly understand, as did Little Tree’s grandpa and grandma and the Cherokee. The Way for Little Tree was coming into an understanding with nature and all that inhabit it. Certain aspects of nature were compared to real life and the situations he faced daily with people. Some he took in and made it his own way of life. Just as ol’ Tal-con, the hawk, he would only take the smallest of the animals or the ones that were too slow that he caught. He learned to only take what was needed rather than gorge himself with excess material items or food. The Way to the Cherokee was to become kin with nature as a whole. Kin to the Cherokee meant both love and understanding. They believe that if you did not understand something, then how could come to ever love it. This fragment of words in the book ran deep through me as I read it, “you couldn’t love something you didn’t understand” (The Education of Little Tree, 38). It meant a lot more to me than reading just a mere book and it attracted me ever more so to reading more and more into this book, like it had some deeper meaning to teach me. I took from it that you should always make an attempt to try to understand those around and the nature of life as much as you can to grow your soul and your spirit. Google Images, 2012

“A man rises of his own will in the morning.”
(Forrest Carter, 1976)

Knowing the Past
Little Tree’s ancestry stretches back into the early days of the Cherokee, when they owned the mountains and farmed rich valleys. In order for Little Tree to understand his past lives he must first understand how is past was. His grandpa and grandma attempt to make this clear to him about how the ways of the past were for his ancestors. The government came with a paper treaty that said that they could live amidst the white people and not have to worry. Then the words from the treaty changed and no the Cherokee were forced to be removed from their lands and to head west. This trail became known as the Trail of Tears. However, it was not the Cherokee who cried, but the people who had the watch the harshness of inhumanity as the Cherokee had to carry their dead because the soldiers escorting them would not let them bury their fallen. The Cherokee did not look even take one glance at the soldiers, they just walked. This event is almost tantamount to how the story ends. Google Images, 2012

“The Cherokee men walked and looked straight ahead and would not look down….” (Forrest Carter, 1976)

The Secret Place
Little Tree one day when he was exploring found a place with a grassy knoll and old sweet gum tree along the spring branch.

The Spirit Mind
He was so ecstatic about finding this place and he knew that if he found something good, the first to do was to share it with someone close to him. Little Tree told his grandmother of it and she said that finding a special place was essential to...
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