The Education Is More Important Than Gene

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The education is more important than gene
Why the people have different life in the world? People are the same when they born, and then why they have different ways in their life? Some people become successful man or woman, the others become criminal, or most of people become the regular. I think the education is the most important part. In this essay, the education includes the education from school and education from around. Everybody goes to school, when they are the age to study. Education for everybody is very important. It is decide a person who can become a good one or the bad one. So in my essay, I will talk about the importance of education. First, the education is important because education will teach people the knowledge. Second, the education will help people open their eyes, and know lot of things we can’t know. Third the education is important because education can teach you what the right way is. The education is very important because it teach us the knowledge. There is lots of knowledge in our world, just like math, article, and history and so on. We need this knowledge for our daily life. When we buy something, we need math, when we read something, we need article. The abilities of boys and girls in different ages are different. And they get the different education, no matter from their parents or their school or their friends, for the same question they got different way to solve. So the education is very important for people. Suppose you don’t know anything, when you buy fish, it is cost three dollars, and you give ten dollars, and then just are given back six dollars. That is wrong, but if you don’t know the math, you will not know that. So to study is very important thing that we should do for our life. For the teenagers they easy to influence by the environment, they don’t know what the society real like. So when the teachers or the parents tell them they should do this, that is right behavior or the thinking, they will do...
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