The Educated Is Truly Free. Do You Agree?

Topics: School, Social status, Sociology Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: August 26, 2012
The educated is truly free. Do you agree?

‘Knowledge is power’, this frequently cited quote is no more a stranger to anyone. Education, which role is essentially to transmit knowledge, has empowered an individual with the accumulated knowledge, values and skills that an individual would require. Indeed, with knowledge, the educated has yielded the power to control the situation around him, to break free from oppression and authority, and to breakthrough the vicious poverty cycle. Yet, as the world continue to evolve rapidly, education may not have the correct approach in meeting the ever-changing needs in the modern world, and the unchanging education system would only hinder individual’s creativity which will only result in conformity. While conformity would be a huge obstacle to allow the educated to be free, as long as the educated can apply their knowledge and skills accordingly to what the situation calls for, the educated, as George Washington Carver once said, will have “the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”.

The knowledge that an educated individual has been equipped with will empower him/her to break free from their social status, or even to alleviate poverty, and to climb the social ladder. As the main emphasis in the education system is results and performance in the education system, one of the most important priorities of education is to prepare one for his/her career so that the educated can meet the needs of the modern society. The acquisition and application of knowledge and skills will equip students to handle the requirements for their job in the future. In the aspect of economic especially, education is perceived as the route to future success and financial stability for an individual. The success and stability that have been achieved will enable an individual to be free to climb up the social status, instead of being caught in the same social level that they have been most of their lives. For instance, in Uganda, where school...
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