The EDSA Revolution in Philippines

Topics: Philippines, People Power Revolution, Ferdinand Marcos Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Keren V. Cuyom II-Courage (5) Mrs. Barbosa

What does Edsa revolution mean? We always celebrate it every month of February, the celebration might mean different to other people who experienced the time when Philippines is still under the Martial Law and to younger Filipinos who didn't knew what happened those time. 

Like me, as a student, i just learned about EDSA on our History class, i learned that yellow ribbons  meant for us Filipinos. The EDSA revolution changed the life and united all the Filipino, but  we don't need EDSA revolution for us to be united and to prove to the other countries that we are one. It happened back in 1986, so it's 27 years after when we got our freedom against Marcos' Martial Law. I remember my mother told us something about what happened, i couldn't imagine how frightening it was, i couldn't imagine how people were during those times. It was a life-changing event, my mother said.  From what i know, a lot of people got hurt and punished for no reason. It was like our country was a prison.  When EDSA is celebrating, we use yellow ribbons and the sign "L" for Laban to present Aquino. One of the EDSA revolution songs which had touched our hearts and reviving the nationalism and the Filipino pride in us, whenever we remember the People Power Revolution is the "Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo" which sang by the ASAP artist and originally composed by APO Hiking Society.
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