The Eden Project

Topics: Cornwall, Eden Project, Sustainability Pages: 27 (8092 words) Published: January 18, 2011
Case 1,

Emanuele Graziano

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Table of Content


1. Identifying the main Problem(s) or Question(s)2

1.1 Summary of the Eden Project case2

1.2 Identification of Main Issues and Problems of the Eden Project3

1.3 Development of Strategy of the Eden Project3

2. Gathering the Facts5

2.1 Analysis of EP’s Strategic Capabilities5

2.2 Analysis of EP’s Environment8

2.3 Analysis of EP’s Strategic Purpose13

3. Alternative Courses of Action20

3.1 The 5 possible alternative courses of action identified20

4.Your Decision and Reasoning21

4.1 Top 2 Alternative courses of action21

4.2 Comparison and contrast of the 2 courses of action22

5. Implementation23

5.1 Plan presented for the implementation of course of actions23

5.2 Responsibility for carrying out the actions23

5.3 Timetable of the implementation of actions25

5.4 Indication of financial and human costs involved25

6. Conclusion26

7. Reference list27


The subject of this case study will be the Eden Project. The report will start with a short description and the summary of the development of the Eden Project. Main problems of their strategy will be identified and analyzed with the help of different models. Furthermore the facts concerning the strategic position will be presented. After this, five alternative courses of action to improve the current situation will be shown with special focus on two of them. Finally the way to implement one of these alternative courses will be explained in consideration of time, financial issues and objectives. As a result a conclusion will be pointed out with the outcome of the investigation on the Eden Project.

1. Identifying the main Problem(s) or Question(s)

1.1 Summary of the Eden Project case

The Eden Project is located in Cornwall UK, England in a former clay pit. It is a botanical garden spread over 15 hectares. Tim Smit, one of the founders came up with the idea of the Eden Project in 1995 and it finally opened its doors in March 2001. Very special about this garden are the three biomes that are the biggest in the world. The three gigantic greenhouses are unique in their design and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In those, but also outside over 4500 plant species from all over the world can be found. Additionally the Eden Project offers an education centre, “The Core”. Educating people and teaching the visitors how essential plants are for the planet and their future is belongs to one of the main goals of the Eden Project. Next to that the management values the close relationships to their sustainable providers and supports their development. It has to be mentioned that most of the providers are located in Cornwall. Not only those but also 95% of the workforce employed is Cornish. The Eden Project states that sourcing for suppliers and employees in the region is a conscious decision and this is their contribution to economic regeneration. The results prove them right as in the first five years the visitors of the Project have spent 700 million pound to the Cornish economy. The success of Eden it confirmed by the yearly two million visitors in the beginning and the 1.2 million recently. Not only the plants and biomes lure the tourists to the former clay pit but also regular music festivals in the summer and a skating rink in the winter. These are just two of around yearly twenty additional events. But even those the management spreads the tourist season with those initiatives and events over the whole year instead of just the summertime they struggle to keep up the visitor numbers. While in 2010 most of the tourist attractions in England could announce a rise in visitor numbers the Eden Project had a decline of 6%. This is a serious matter to the management. Also in the first year after opening they belong to the top three tourist...
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