The Economy Survey

Topics: Tax, Inflation, Public finance Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: March 26, 2012
1. Is the increase in exemption limit is lower than expected especially given high inflation rate?

2. GDP growth rate pegged at 7.6 per cent  in the Budget 2012-13. According to you, this target is: a) Too optimistic
b) Under estimated
c) Reasonable
d) Can't say

3. Income tax exemption limit in case of senior citizens is left unchanged at Rs. 2.5 Lacs.Do you think it should've been raised? Yes/No

4. Standard rates of excise duty and service tax have been raised from 10 per cent to 12 per cent. Do you feel it is a right step considering that India is still facing the wrath of high inflation? Yes/No

5. Budget proposes number of proactive steps to curb black money, for instance, prosecution to be initiated, White Paper in the current session. Doyou feel govt is committed to curb the menace of black money in India? Yes/No/Can’t say

6. With additional tax reliefs like tax-free investment now up to Rs. 60,000 in long-term infra bonds, proposed Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme for retail investor etc., do you feel this budget is beneficial for aam admi?

7. Are of you hopeful that govt will be able to contain Fiscal Deficit within the proposed limit of 5.6% of GDP in FY'13 although it is likely to touch 5.9% in current financial year as against the targeted 4.6%? May be/May be not.

8. Do you think that the current deduction limit of Rs. 1lac u/s Sec 80C should have been raised to benefit the common people burdened by high inflation? Yes, definitely/ No

9. Do you think the proposed DTC will reform the Indian Direct-Tax Structure? Yes/No/Don't Know

10. No hike in Excise duty on diesel cars as expected. Is it a right move considering that the ballooning fuel subsidy bill need to be checked to contain the rising fiscal deficit-another cause of inflation?

11. Any specific reform/measure/change that you think is missing in this budget?
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