The Economy of Bangladesh

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Origin of the report
As a mandatory requirement of B.Sc. (Hon’s) program under BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology (BIFT), I was assigned for doing my internship in “Mondol Group Ltd”. The report will definitely increase the knowledge of us to know the corporate world of RMG sector and will teach to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical life. My organizational team leader Ahmed Sadiqur Rahman (Asst.General Manager) assigned me the topic of the report and my institutional internship supervisor Kazi Shamsur Rahman, Sr. Assistant Professor and Head of the Department (AMT), BIFT duly approved it.

(a) Broad Objective:

The purposes of this report cognates the academic purpose. This project objective is to gather practical knowledge and experiencing the corporate working environment with the close approximation to the business firm and the experts who are leading and making strategic decisions to enhance the growth of RMG industry. To this regard, this report is contemplating the knowledge and experience accumulated from course perspective. With the set guidelines by, Ahmed Sadiqur Rahman and with the kind advices of the organization and this report comprise of an organization. The broad objective of this report is to provide an overview of merchandising activities in Mondol Group Ltd.

To evaluate the value chain management activities of Mondol Group Ltd .Identifying the ways of creating more customer value in there and how well the various departmental activities of Mondol Group Ltd are coordinated.

(b) Specific objectives include the following:

Analysis of Mondol Group Ltd value chain – which costs are related to every single activity. Analysis of customers value chains – how does our product fit into their value chain Identification of potential cost advantages in comparison with competitors Identification of potential value added for the customer – how can our product add value to the customers value chain (e.g. lower costs or higher performance)- Where does the customer see such potential?

To find the current scenario of the readymade garments industry in terms of raw material sourcing To find the current scenario of backward supply chain status of Mondol Group Ltd To find the ways of improving the backward linkage of the supply chain for Mondol Group Ltd. To combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. To work in reputed company.

To provide company overview.
To define and evaluate the merchandising activities
To observe the effectiveness of merchandising department. To identify the problems of the merchandising department To reveal management, production, commercial, accounts, compliance and HRM planning. Find out differences between customer purchases prices with factory prices. SCOPE OF THE REPORT

The scope of the study is limited to specify. The Value chain management only study in the office of Mondol Group Ltd. That’s why I visit Mondol Group Ltd factory and different buying houses several times to fulfill the broad and specific objective of the report.The scope of this report is limited to the overall description of the company, its services and its products offered. The scope of the study is limited to organizational setup, functions, and performances. Since Mondol Group Ltd is in its maturity stage in Bangladesh, it has still to go a long way to serve its country for acquiring a strong national economy. The report will mainly focus on how a Merchandiser buying raw materials & accessories, producing garments, maintaining required quality level and exporting the garments within scheduled time. In this report not only merchandising activities are discussed but also production, accounts, commercial HR & compliance activities are discussed briefly.

It is an exploratory research, conducted into an issue or problem where there are few or no earlier studies to refer to. The focus is on gaining...
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