The Economic Role of Women

Topics: Sudan, Arab World, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The Economic Role of Women

The role of women in the economy and in other aspects of social life is not the same today as they were 50, 100 or even more years ago. And it is not the same in the eastern world than in the western world. It is basically a gender issue. Women have struggled for years to be considered equal to men intellectually, to have the same rights, to have the same access to education, to earn equal salaries, and to be considered equals under the law. This battle started long ago, and a lot has been achieved, but still women need to gain more rights, in order to have equal opportunities. Probably the key to equal rights starts by allowing women to have access to education because education contributes directly to the growth of national income by improving the productive capacities of the labor force.

In the early eighteen hundreds women in Europe, were only allowed to attend primary school and they even had different curricula than men. Primary school taught girls how to repeat the received words from others, but couldn´t generate their own. By midcentury the professions more commonly found for women were: teacher, nurse and midwife, and in the late eighteen hundreds, different Universities in Europe opened their doors to women. During the war, many women had no other alternative that getting out of their homes, and enter the workforce. This gave women a sense of independence unknown to them until then. Some years later the feminism era started and women in Europe and in other parts of the world, won the vote and gained control over their bodies. Of course Europe was always a little bit behind regarding feminist achievements. Instead in America by mid eighteen hundreds there were already schools for women. Fredrika Bremer, a Sweden author writes about this in her letters when she visited the United States of America and was so impressed to see how women were improving themselves by studying. By the end of the century, women had already...
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