The Economic Role of Women

Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Employment Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The economic role of women
Social status of every person depends on position society. Social status is determined by social being a system of education, activities, ideals, values and goals of the individuals, the needs of society to the individual, the nature of state policy and state ideology. Proportion of the women rise, and this day they don’t spend enough attention the household. In many countries, women are the majority of workers in terms of non-standard work, such as temporary, casual, part-time work, contract and home. Between man and women there are significant differences in access to economic structure. In our time many women work more than men, and it has detrimental impact a society. I think that it would be good, if women did their job or position like in old time, because all time men did all job, except homework. In some families men don’t work and they do homework, and their wives work at job. Mentality is changed. For example my mother and father work together and they work in business sphere. But sometimes when my mother work, my father sits at home. Now a day the Kazakh economy employs 3.7 million women or 49% of total work force. But I think that good side of women in business primarily are diligent , less ambitious, more responsibility, predictability, have a clear vision of their company and it’s good. Women are less amenable to panic, often to the advice and experience of others, they are prone to collective decisions, better speak and they more emotional.

The list of question------------------------------------------------- How old are you?Gender__________________________________ 1) Who are you? a) student b) teacher 2) Do you or your mother/wife work? a) yes b) no 3) What do you think “women work more that men” a) Yes b) No c) It doesn’t matter 4) Have women a role in the economic sphere? a) Yes b) No c) d) I don’t know| The list of question------------------------------------------------- How...
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