The Economic relation between China and USA

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  • Published: May 12, 2014
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The commercial relation between the U.S.A and the P.R.C


Juan Carlos Luján González.

It would be ironic to say that the only two global superpowers aside from being the top on the competition for the most powerful economy in the world. And specifically referring to China for having an historical record of growth and development (10.1% GDP in the last 10 years). It seems almost like a joke the fact that this two high profile competitors are at the same time basically a Siamese twins ; and it is Siamese twins an appropriated name according for they extremely close relation now days. Today they are totally dependent one from each other. For showing some figures it seems important to note that back in the 1972 , the amount of trade between this two nations use to be around 100 million U.S. annually, while compared with the present figures, it rounds around a billion dollars a day ; It practically means that only in the last 42 years, the economical relation has growth about 365,000 times larger. (CHINA BUSINESS REVIEW 2013).

The growth between the first world power and the Asian giant has been rapid but gradual. The real root of this relationship emerged in 1973 in an arrangement between the exPresident Richard Nixon and Premier of the Popular Republic of China Zhou Enlai


by the great Mao to consolidate political and economic relations of the

country) .
The enigmatic trip to China from President of the United States was undoubtedly the watershed to strengthen the relationship, creating the so called USCBC (US- China Business Consul).
With his renowned phrase: "There is no place on this small planet for a billion of its Potentially Most people able to live in angry isolation. " (WITHE THE HOUSE, 2011). And that's how everything started. The thing is that the development of China was impressive; actually way above of what the Americans ever imagined. Just to give a figure, here is a table showing the growth of the Chinese steel on a...
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