The Economic Benefits of Napolean

Topics: Bourgeoisie, Middle class, Social class Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Isaac Contreras
period 3

During the napoleonic era the following social groups succeeded in achieving their goals to a certain extent. the clergy was allowed to reopen seminaries, the aristocracy was brought back after being diminished by the revolution, the bourgeoisie was rewarded by the government if they effectively served the state with pensions,property or titles, the urban working class was allowed to rise in government purely on skill, peasantry was allowed to worship the catholic church publicly, and the women were given inheritance rights.

During napoleon’s rule religion was thought to be the best way to control the motives of the people. thus napoleon made peace with the church thinking that religion would help people accept economic inequalities.The pope renounced claims to church property that had been seized during the french revolt and the french government received power to nominate or depose bishops. But in return priest who had resisted the civil constitutions of the clergy would replace those who had sworn oath to the state. the clergy was also allowed to reopen church seminaries. the revolutionary calendar was also replaced with the christian calendar.

Aristocracy also gained something from napoleon as well. During the french revolution the nobility along with the Aristocracy were diminished. when napoleon proclaimed himself emperor he brought back the traditional french Aristocracy. thus the aristocracy was brought back from its decline. though napoleon also started granting titles of nobility to his favorites as well.

Bourgeois benefited significantly along with the middle class. Napoleon created 3,600 titles in 1814. These titles were given to those who served the military. under napoleon’s rule the government rewarded wealthy people who effectively served the state with pensions, property, or titles. The urban working class gained something...
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