The Earth Hour Script

Topics: Waste, Waste management, Pollution Pages: 8 (2105 words) Published: January 17, 2013

Pinky – Host1
Anshe – Host2
Joseph – Professor of Environmental Psychology
Therez – Environmentalist
Fenee – LIFE (Lasallian Institute for the Environment) ambassadress Athena – Pulmonologist
Jaylen – Climatologist
Febe - Meteorologist
Lari – audience1
Karl – audience2
Jessereene – audience3

Host1: Our country has been through a lot of problems both economically and environmentally. And sadly there hasn’t been any progress. Problems before are still problems today and what’s worse is that it just keeps on piling up.

Host2: As citizens of this country, what can we do? How do we contribute? Is there still hope? Is change still possible? Good day everyone and you’re watching,

Both: The Earth Hour.

Host1: Today we would be discussing three environmental issues. First, the improper waste disposal; second, pollution; and third is climate change.

Host2: And we will be having guests and professionals. They will explain the causes and as well as the effects these problems may bring. All of these when The Earth Hour returns.

Host1: And we’re back. One major problem that all of us, I’m sure, is well aware of is improper waste disposal. And right here, we’ve got Mr. Joseph San Juan, a professor of Environmental Psychology in UP Diliman and Ms. Therez Subebe, an environmentalist. Good day, sir and ma’am!

Both: Good day!

Host2: Let’s start this straight, Mr. San Juan, what exactly is improper waste disposal?

Joseph: Improper waste disposal is the failure of managing and monitoring of waste materials such as plastics and even biodegradable wastes like left-overs.

Host1: How did this problem start in our country?

Joseph: The alarming increase of improper disposal of solid and hazardous waste in our country is due to a number of reasons such as: increasing population, by this, we are consuming, we produce wastes, I mean, it is already given that when we were born we were bound to contribute waste. It’s unavoidable. That’s the sad fact. Other reasons are lack of integrated solid waste management system, lack of environmentally sound disposal system and lack of toxic waste treatment facilities. There is also the lack of public awareness & support. People today just throw candy wrappers, tin cans and plastic bottles on the streets. They toss still usable plastic bags anywhere not even realizing how much it contributes to our already enormous problem on Waste Disposal. They continue to improperly dispose garbage because they are not educated about what might be the effects of their wrong doing.

Host2: Given that it is getting worse what are the effects of this problem to the people, Ms. Subebe?

Therez: Well, obviously, there are no positive effects. Its effects are purely negative. The spread of infectious diseases due to improperly dumped chemical wastes from factories, soil contamination, and floods due to garbage-clogged drainage are only some of the many serious effects of improper Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Host1: Oh my, I really didn’t know that it is so bad. Anyway, we have a question from an audience. Okay, what’s your name?

Lari: Hi, I’m Lari. It is obvious that we should act regarding this issue, so what steps must be taken? Are there any laws and regulations for it? What programs must be launched?

Joseph: uhhhhm, thank you for that, our country has had laws about proper waste management. There is this law REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9003 which is “AN ACT PROVIDING FOR AN ECOLOGICAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, CREATING THE NECESSARY INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISMS AND INCENTIVES, DECLARING CERTAIN ACTS PROHIBITED AND PROVIDING PENALTIES, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES”, only that this was not implemented well. Certain programs have been launched as well and two of the famous program are the triple R (reduce, reuse and recycle) and proper waste disposal.

Host2: Do you mind telling our viewers how these programs...
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