The Early Years of Egypt

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Nile Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Dre Bishton
Mr. Murrish
AP World History
September 8th, 2012
The Early Years of Egypt
The Egyptians went through the Neolithic Revolution around 8000 B.C.E. During the Neolithic Revolution is when Egypt became civilized. Geography had a profound effect during the Neolithic Revolution on economic, political, and cultural terms. In Egypt economics were greatly affected by the proximity of the nation to the Nile River. The river helped with communication, transportation, and agriculture. The Nile River was very helpful for the crops. The river would flood annually so it was very predictable. After the flood would come back down the ground would be soft and feral ready to produce crops. Having plentiful crops in turn caused specialization of labor. Specialization of labor caused Egypt to prosper in other ways besides agriculture. This caused other professions and technology to be invented. Due to geography Egypt was exceeding economical expectations. Geography sparked huge development in politics during the Neolithic Revolution. The Nile River allowed easy transport and communication to other nations. The river also provided protection with the cataracts, marshes, and deserts. The pharaoh was one of the first to take advantage of their geographic blessing. Because of this he gained support from the military which in turn gave him approval from the masses. (move up) Egypt like many other nations today established a social hierarchy. On the top were the pharaoh and high priests followed by nobles then scribes, craftsmen, slaves, and peasants. The Egyptian’s politics were very advanced for their time and geography is responsible for that. Culture in Egypt was greatly shaped by geography. Ancient beliefs were largely formed around astrology. Egyptians were polytheistic and believed that the stars were their many gods. The gods were believed to be controlling the natural world from the spiritual world. The Egyptians believed that the gods controlled the river’s...
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