The Early History of Perak

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The history of Perak started during the seat of empire was at Beruas which British knew nothing. A few carved tombstones represent all what had happen during the time on the early history of the country. If the Malay tradition is right in saying that the great arm of the sea at the Dindings was once an outlet of the Perak river we can easily understand the importance of Beruas, combining as it did the advantages of a perfect landlocked harbour with a commanding situation at the mouth of the greatest waterway in the western half of the Peninsula. Although Beruas was powerful, the ‘Malay Annals’ tell us, before even the mythical ancestors of the Malacca dynasty appeared on the famous hill of Siguntang, it had begun to decline as the river silted up. In the days of Sultan Mahmud (A.D. 1500) Beruas had so far fallen that its king did homage to Malacca in mere gratitude for assistance against a petty rival village. After the Achehnese invasion the place entirely disappears from history.

Point State history began with the coronation of Sultan Muzaffar Shah l that was the descended of Sultan Mahmud Shah of Malacca in l528. The ruling is carried out will be the order of the feudal system almost the same as in the democratic of Malacca. Perak is known after the discovery of rich ground that is the discovery of tin in Larut in l848 by Ms. Long Jaafar. With this the State economy growing rapidly and more mining areas were opened. In addition to tin, rubber also played an important role after the rubber trees promoted in the State.

The implications of the economic developments have been foster a pluralistic society, especially for the Chinese who worked in the mines in the state. British has long been put on interest to the State has intervened through the Pangkor Treaty l874 when there is unrest in Windhoek. From this intervention Resident administrative system was introduced by the British with JWWBirch as its first Resident of Perak.

The system is expected to bring about the implications of the Resident is good at first, but because its implementation is absurd and to the attitude of the indigenous people who do not want to be colonized, there has been antagonism that was led by Datuk Maharaja Lela. As a result JWWBirch killed in 1875 under the order of Datuk Maharaja Lela in Teluk Intan due to the arrogant and disrespectful. Resident System was also continued until the arrival of the Japanese in Malaya in 194l that caused chaos. Perak State also suffered during the Japanese invasion of bitterness until l945.

British scene after the Japanese surrender has not ended, but continued until the emergency occurred in 1948 caused by the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). Violence is rampant in the State in which the MCP is responsible about it. After the Japanese occupation in Malaya, the Malay states are not stable. British had to cope with the emergency state of nationalism for independence among the Malays and also the other races. British used every effort to maintain its position by introducing a number of administrative systems such as the Malayan Union in l946. The Malays leader bringing the masses together with the chiefs of state against an all-out all the British system that is Malayan Union until the British declared the independence of Malaya in l957.

Malayan independence, freedom means the states of Perak and affiliates are one of the states. The rapid progression still continues to run until now after 34 generations of the Sultans ruled. By fondly nationalists neither Perak Sultan himself nor his followers, the shrine-tomb was restored and conserved, and declared as a monument and a hero back home.

The State of Perak is lead by the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullah with the help of Chief Minister of Perak, Dato’ Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir.

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