The Early Civilizations

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The Early Civilizations

Most people think that caveman were dumb, but have you ever wondered what they did to bring us here? The time of the Nomads was in the Stone Age which was in the year 3500 B.C.. The Nomads were hunters and gatherers. They made their tools and weapons for hunting from stones and sticks, by attaching sharp rocks to the end of sticks to make a club or an ax. Some animals that they hunted were wolves and mammoths. The gatherers collected berries, nuts, and roots to eat. The Nomads joined together to form a clan so they could have a better chance of surviving. The Nomads had no permanent home because when they used up all the resources in one place they would move. Every twenty years they would move two to three miles. Most people believe that the Nomads slowly moved from africa to different parts of the world. When it got cold, they would skin an animal and use its hides to wear for warmth. This is because they lived in the time of the Ice Age and it used to often be very cold. For shelter, the Nomads sometimes made huts out of mammoth bones, but usually they lived in caves. In the caves they painted on they walls. The paintbrushes were made from animal skins, and the paint was made from minerals and animal fat. The paintings have been found in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. Early in the Stone Age, the Nomads learned to make fire, they used it only for warmth. Later They learned to use it for cooking. Much later, the hunters and gatherers learned to raise animal which soon led to domestication of dogs, sheep, pigs, goats, and cattle. With their new skill, domestication, the Nomads had meat at all times. It took thousands of years for the Nomads to discover farming, but by the time they learned it was one of the best discoveries ever. With more food at their hands, their communities started to grow. Eventually some communities started a language and a government. As you can see, caveman were very smart, and if they...
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