The Early Christian Community and It's People

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  • Published : February 11, 2008
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In the early Christian church there were many famous people who helped the church, and there were also a few infamous people who did not. Throuought the 1st century A.D some of the most influential Christian leaders lived, such as the apostles. For the first fewhundred years the church was very primitive and unstable and many people were killed during these rimes, these people were martyrs. There were many people and events that shaped the relgion that we now know today as Catholosism. I am going to tell about some of the most important people and events.

The early Christian Communitys after Jesus death were very primitive and they didn't have an established religion. People in small towns all gathered together to worship and learn about God at each others houses because they didn't have established churches yet. Before Jesus died lots ofpeople were Jewish, including Jesus. He wasn't even the one to really establish Christianity, it was his followers like the apostles who did. In the first hundredds of years many Chrsitians were persucuted and killed by the Roman government, because they wanted the Jews to worship their Gods. The people who got killed for their religion were some of the first Chrstian martyrs. Jesus' followers were the ones who carried on his teachings and messages. Two of his first followeres were St. Paul and St. Peter, two of the apostles. St. Peter was even our first pope and the rock of our church. St. Peter and Paul often had disagreements about who should learn about Jesus and be able to become Christian. Then they came to an agreement and decided they should teach all people, Christians, Jew's, and Gentiles. The people who helped form and still carry on Jesus' message to others are the Magesterium, or the bishops and the popes. Finally after many years of people not liking and persucuting Chrsitians Emperor Constanine declared Christianity legal in 325 A.D and Chrstians were then treated better.

The apostles were some of the...
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