The Eagle/Winter

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The Eagle/Winter
1.The expressions are peculiarly effective to help give off the tone, image, and feeling of the poem. From the expressions like “crooked hands”, “close to the sun”, and “ringed with the azure world”, it shows the meaning of the poem with lots of imagery. It helps to reader to imagine and fully understand the poem. Like azure means blue so “ringed with the azure world” would mean the eagle flying across the clear blue sky. An expression like “like a thunderbolt” helps show the deepness and intensity of the poem. 2.Another contrast would be the fact that in the first stanza, every sentence has seven words in each line with three lines all together and in the second stanza, there is six words in every line with three lines together. Each line has two words that pop out more than the others by its imagery. 3.In the poem, nail means his hands because it says he blows on his nails. Saw means speech or sermon. 4.The owl’s cry isn’t really a merry tone. You could tell because the character is very cold and the tone of the poem is dark and gloomy. Merry and sings are employed together because both adjectives are exactly opposite of what the poem is trying to commute. The owl doesn’t sing merrily but it whistles sadly. 5.The owl’s cry contrasts with the other details of the poem because the whole poem images the cold, gloomy, and darkness however the owl is supposedly crying merrily
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