The Eagle

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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My poem was The Eagle by E.E. Cummings. This poem describes someone looking up to the sky and seeing a eagle majesticly flying in the sky. Cummings used repatition and end rhymes to make the poem more pleasing to read and hear. He also uses many, many elements of imagrey. He uses things such as "The suns warm rays" in line 8 to give an inital feeling of peace with the sun as a warm, comforting source. He uses repatiton on lines 13 and 14. "nearer and nearer he steadily sailed, nearer and nearer he slid through space." This begins to describe the eagle as a majestic creature that "slid through space." Cummings described him as a "sailor who hailed from the clime of the clouds." He uses the comparison in this context to describe how a sailor expertly navigates the ocean as an eagle navigates the sky. He then adds to the calm happy tone with lines 19 and 20. He describes the sky as "never so fair" and, with the previous readings of the beauty the man sees, says "the rest of the world kept pace. What he might mean is that the world is keeping pace with the majestic eagle and with the "sky's beautiful sheen" as seen on line 10. Cummings may mean how the man felt and how he felt at the time. The next two stanzas describe the eagle itself and it's beauty. He uses bright phrases to add on to the eagles beauty. Line 21 first describes the eagles head, with "on the white of his head the sun flashed bright." The imagrey that accompanies the words gives a brighter view on the eagle and its beauty. However, the last 5 lines of the third stanza describe a cloud, personified as a dragon, that engulfs the eagle. The personified dragon, going along with the theme of life and happiness may represent the depressing side of life. The dragon engulfing the majestic eagle could represent how existance gets hard and may be dark, foreboding and confusing. The fourth stanza opens with the man waiting for the eagle to reemerge. He uses an intresting wording in line 31 leading to line 32...
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