The Dynamics of Group Psycho Therapy

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  • Published : September 13, 2008
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The Dynamics of Group Psychotherapy

University of Phoenix

The Dynamics of Group Psychotherapy
Group psychotherapy has been practiced for nearly one hundred years according to Moreno (1953) it was started by a man named Adler in 1910. Group therapy is different from individual therapy given that the groups are not focusing on themselves as individuals, but rather taking on each problem as a group. Each member learns to be open minded and accepting of others differences as well as views. Practicing social skills is another advantage of group psychotherapy. Members of the group have equality so no member feels inferior to any other group member. An example of how people are becoming socially withdrawn is in a book by Putnam (2000) where he discusses, more people are bowling but less people are forming leagues. Individuals are isolating themselves, instead of forming groups and having a sense of belonging. Group psychotherapy encourages involvement with others rather than social withdraw, which is what people have a propensity to do if they are in need of therapy. Once members become aware and have identified the problem that they are facing, they can start focusing on setting and achieving the necessary steps to work toward their individual goals. Each member brings something different to the group that allows the group to analyze the issues from many different perspectives, not just one person’s point of view. Group psychotherapy works well since humans are social beings and are constantly looking for approval from one’s peers, in group psychotherapy everyone gets the social acceptance that our nation is all looking for. What’s interesting is that members in group therapy will often take on the same role as they do in their personal lives, which allows for the therapist to get an insight into their client’s life styles and personal relationships with others. Once the groups...
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