The Duty of Care Policy in Western Australia for Primary School’s

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The Duty of Care Policy in Western Australia for Primary School’s

The policy that will be examined is the Duty of Care policy . The purpose of this report is to analyse the Duty of Care policy of the Western Australian Department of Education.. This policy will be discussed in the context of the Local Primary school in Western Australia. Three scenarios will be illustrated in relation to the Duty of care policy. The first scenario relates to a number of students who arrive to school before any of the staff. The second scenario relates to a student who has after school music classes, and has to wait an hour for her mother to pick her up. And the second scenario relates to two students that get into an argument , which later develops into a fight.

The Policy – Duty of Care
The duty of care is “ A duty imposed by the law to take care to minimize the risk of harm to another” (Department of Education). The Duty of Care policy is important for all schools. And without the policy the schools would not be operating successfully. The apparent rationale for writing the policy is to protect the students and teachers of the school, from risks or harm in the school environment. The following are covered in the policy: * Safety and welfare of the students involved in school activities * Protect students from harm

* Reasonable care which is a duty to take reasonable care to avoid the harm being suffered * Medical Conditions is when students with medical conditions will need special care. It is always beneficial for the staff to have knowledge of the medical conditions that the students that they teach. * Behavioral characteristics

* Nature of the school...
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