The Dumb Waiter Is Written by Harold Pinter in 1957

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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The Dumb Waiter is written by Harold Pinter in 1957. 

Absurd is a movement that was centered in Paris. it is actually derive from the theory of existentialism and partly is an ideology that believes God is non existed. it was popularized after an essay written by Franz Kafka. When it was introduced in Malaysia, somewhere in the early 1970's, many theatre critics and activists rejected the ideology of the absurd. my personal remark below in which i am quoted, " Absurd is that which is devoid of purpose;cut off from his religious, metaphysical, and transcendental roots, man is lost; all his actions become senseless, absurd, useless." is actually a quotation taken from Eugene Ionesco on his reactions towards the essay that was written by Kafka. at first The absurd is being introduced in theatrical form and thus has influenced other genres. 

Through detail research, that our Theatre of The Absurd/ The Absurd has a class of our own. since theatre of the absurd has a unique elements that can depicts and explain the madness situation of post modernism period of our society , local playwrights (eg, Dinsman, Hatta Azad Khan, Johan Jaafar, etc)choose to use this techniques but they slightly change the approach in the sense that these local playwrights use the elements of absurd in their works but the works are far more objective than to the traditional theatre of the absurd that were once being celebrated by Harold Pinter, Edward Albee, Beckett, Ionesco and such. hereby i would like to give a set of features of Theatre of The Absurd as an info. on the topic that will enable others to understand better:

Features of Theater Of The Absurd:

Behind the literary conventions of the theater of the absurd stands the philosophical fear that human existence has no meaning, and therefore the play will be: a.Clowning, fooling, and mad-scenes
b.Verbal nonsense, therefore communication between people is impossible. c.The literature of dream and fantasy, which often has a strong allegorical component d.Anti literary- attitude, and it’s turning away from language as an instrument for the expression of the deepest level of meaning. (Martin Esslin: 1968)

I am quite surprise that Uthaya Sankar had written such work that applies the absurd elements. somehow it is a new thing that suddenly pops up in our current local literary scene; there is quite a number of new writers still in the mode of absurd 'ala' Malaysia.

Pertama kali teater absurd diperkenalkan oleh Martin Esllin melalui penulisannya The Theater of the Absurd (1961) dianggap sebagai satu bentuk teater avant-garde yang dilihat sebagai terkeluar daripada norma teater sedia ada namun beberapa penggiat mula muncul untuk meneguhkan konsep teater absurd tersebut khususnya di Perancis. Kemunculan teater absurd ini lahir ekoran penentangan oleh penggiat absurdisme terhadap teater beraliran realisme dan naturalisme yang dianggap menyajikan khayalan kepada masyarakat. Mereka beranggapan manusia pada dasarnya tidak mampu berkomunikasi secara terang dan telus seperti di dalam realisme yang menggunakan bahasa sebagai alat kepada kerasionalan ini. Ciri-ciri ini ditolak oleh penggiat absurdisme kerana itu penggiat absurdisme mendemonstrasikan bentuk-bentuk non-verbal di dalam persembahan mereka sebagai tanda protes kepada kerasionalan tersebut dan konsep ini telah diselitkan dan menjadi salah satu ciri di dalam drama absurd. Konsep ketidakrasionalan ini telah lama diperkenalkan oleh Albert Camus dan Jean-Paul Satre pada sekitar tahun 1950-an lagi dengan mengemukakan beberapa bentuk ideologi berbeza sebagai satu identiti terhadap kerja absurdisme mereka, yang kemudiannya telah diangkat dan dimartabatkan oleh Samuel Beckett. Kehadiran konsep abdsurdisme bertitik tolak daripada faktor persekitaran yang melanda masyarakat Barat ekoran daripada kemelut Perang Dunia Pertama dan Kedua yang menjebakkan manusia ke dalam lembah kesengsaraan sekaligus merobek kepercayaan manusia terhadap konsep...
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