The Drunkard

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Austin Prunty
Mrs. Larpenture
Classic World Lit.
The affects of drunk lifestyle
The Drunkard is a short story about a father and son. The story demonstrates irony while using humor to keep the readers attention. As the son tells the story about his father and what occurred when he attended a funeral with him. Although the story takes place many years ago people can relate as if it were present time. As the story begins the boys shares his father’s traits and qualities. He tells the reader about the person who has died and why he knows his father will attend the funeral. The father is a hard working caring man and the person who died was a dear friend of his. The boy also shares that his father is an alcoholic that is currently sober. He tells the reader how an event like a funeral will push his dad to drink and the effects of his drinking. The mother is introduced to relate to the reader that this type of situation has occurred in the past and the family knows what is lying ahead. As we continue to read we realize everyone would just prefer to ignore the father and his drunken behaviors. They have determined there is nothing they can do to stop the drinking, so they just continue on with their daily routine and prepare to pick up the pieces when the binging is over. When the mother tells the son he has to attend the funeral with his father he figures he is going to make sure his dad gets home safely. The central purpose of the story is how the boy views his father. The boy explains how his father is a hard working caring man. He also shares that his father is a drunk and how his drinking affects the family. With the death of a close friend the boy and mother realize the dad will drink. The boy, Larry and his father are the primary characters in the story. The boy is telling the story of an event that occurred. The story is told in first person and the story takes place in the boy’s hometown when a close friend of the fathers has...
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