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The Drug Business

By | December 2010
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Deanna Heidelbaugh

Deb Garwood

Response Essay

July 27,2010

Legalize It

The drug business is over taking America. It is based in greed. Greed

from the drug dealers, organized crime and our United States government. In Gore Vidal’s essay “Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana” he tells us a realistic view about hoe to stop drug addiction. Vidal states “ it seems unlikely that any reasonably sane person would become a drug addict if he knows in advance what addiction is going to be like.” There will always be addicts wether they are using drugs or alcohol. People do not always follow direction or instruction. The addict exists everywhere. There are some who become addicted to prescription drugs everyday. Every pharmacy gives the patient directions for use, list of side effects, ingredients and what to do for a possible overdose. So how do people become addicted? They have chosen not to follow directions. Those drugs are “legal”. Pharmaceutical companies make millions on drugs. Just as the government and others do on “illegal” drugs. It is all based on greed. Vidal makes very good points mentioning what happened to our country during the years when alcohol was illegal. Crime rose. “The government” Vidal says, “is responsible for many deaths.” I agree. It is too big of a money maker for our government to legalize drugs. Would people who had never used heroin or crack all of a sudden start using- I think not. Would taxing drugs and selling them legally alleviate some financial problems for the United States - I think so. However, I do not think in our lifetime we will se such a thing.

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