The Drive - Narrative Essay

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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The Drive

First off, I need to find an adult with a car and will help to teach me how to drive. I think I will ask my dad. The reason I will ask my dad to teach me is because he is a good driver. He is very safe and really responsible. When learning to drive you need to learn from someone who has good driving habits and obeys the laws. I need to ask someone who will be very patient when teaching me to make sure I learn everything about driving. Secondly, my dad will pick a time and day that would be a good day to start learning to drive. We will go outside and sit in the car. My dad will go over the basic rules about starting a car and the things that need to be done first. Before starting the car I would put on my seatbelt, put the key in the starter. I would then check the side mirror and rearview mirror so I can see the traffic. Dad said to step on the break before I start the car and put the car into drive. He reminds me to look and see if any traffic is coming my way before I drive on to the street. Thirdly, we get to the corner and Dad reminds me to put my turn signal on to display, which way I am turning. First we are practicing right turns and stopping at the stop signs. The school zone signs are up and the speed is 15 miles per hour and no passing. Dad reminds me that I am entering an intersection and to try a left turn. First, I have to stop and check for traffic before I make the turn. Learning to drive will take some time because there are lots of rules to learn. Next week I will practice parking and backing the car up the driveway.
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