The Drink of a Real Man

Topics: Jim Beam, Bourbon whiskey, Man Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Drink of a Real Man

What makes a man? Is it ruggedness and toughness? Is it dominance and patriotism? Does a man drink only the hardest liquor to prove his manhood? Jim Beam thinks so. In the depths of this Jim Bean Bourbon advertisement lies a stereotype in American society that is inaccurate. Through the language of colors, font, and actual text, men get an idea of what a real man should be. A “real man” should have the qualities of bravery and toughness. Men are constantly pressured by society to act tough for people to respect them. A real man would drink Jim Beam Bourbon rather than a flavorful drink that tastes good. The real definition of a man, in Jim Beam’s case, is a dominant, strong human being. The message the advertisement promotes constrict men by denying the variety of qualities any man might possess and further advocates the stereotype of how men have to be tough in order to be considered a real man. At first glance, you notice the massive, bold, white font in the middle of the compelling advertisement. It is near impossible to avoid this writing because the letters pop out at you. On the left side of the advertisement, the bold lettering reads “President Truman Drinks a Glass of Bourbon Every Day," and on the right side of the ad continues, “Then He Kicked The Commies Out of South Korea." These words imply several different meanings in the text itself. The advertisement refers to President Truman as a symbol of patriotism and independence. The ad condones “kicking the commies out of South Korea” because Jim Beam is patriotic and wants independence. The text illustrates a cause and effect chart; President Truman drinks bourbon every day, the effect is he gained manhood and patriotism, and kicked the communists out of South Korea.         This advertisement purposely chooses to promote the “good” qualities of manhood, which include masculinity, sturdiness, and toughness. The colors in the advertisement display masculinity as the background...
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