The Dreamers

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Discuss how your understanding of change has been developed by your prescribed and related texts.

Change is a process of alteration it can be instantaneous or it could be a gradual change, change may be physical, psychological or environmental all change that occurs is either positive or negative, in relation to the prescribed text “ The Dreamers” a play by Jack Davis, a related text of Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech and a cartoon by R.Cobb use a variety of visual and literary techniques to show that a large amount of change that occurs around the world results in negative change rather than positive change. The play the dreamers is about the impact on modern Aboriginals since the settlement of the “white” community it focuses on the dysfunctional lifestyle and problems of aboriginal people which is similar to the problems and lifestyle that is shown by the Wallitch family. At the starting of the play a silhouetted family walk slowly across the escarpment against the first light of dawn. The men lead carrying weapons; the women and children follow holding bags and fire sticks. As the walk across the escarpment echoes and voices of children can be heard in the distance singing a tribal song. All together this symbolises the dawn of time when the native Australians walked among the bushes before white settlement this make the audience fully aware that the aboriginals lived a once exciting and proud life. This is a juxtaposed against modern aboriginals today who have major problems like drinking and unemployment. With in the being line of he play the audience feels the loss that worru has suffered, using personal pronouns like “my” and “I” helps to reinforce worru’s personal loss. “I walked down the track to where the camp place used to be “ further highlights this sense of loss not only for him but also for the whole aboriginal race. Enforcing that change after the white settlement has been more negative that positive. The main setting of the play is set in an...
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