The Dream of a Bd Pharmacist

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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➢ If all Pharmacists get an honorable job.
➢ If Pharmacy Education & Industrial Pharmacy Profession come closer to exchange views, share merits and resources. ➢ If equal gender opportunity for all female pharmacists during offering and recruiting in jobs especially in Pharmaceutical Industry. ➢ If we have a full-fledged specialized Pharmaceutical University, doctorial & Post-Doc level offering specialized Research based courses like New Drug Design, Innovative New Process & Analysis Technology. ➢ If Giant Pharmaceutical Industry open Pharmacy University with continual training of students from first year to final year, and finally recruiting those Pharmacists in their Industry. ➢ If Pharmacy Education includes more intensive and technical courses like Pharmaceutical new project design-Site Master File, Plant structure and erection, HVAC, BMS, Industrial Automation, electronics-PLC system, Modern Automatic Manufacturing & QA Machine and Equipments Qualification and Preventive Maintenance, specialized advanced courses in Microbiology and Biotechnology. Advanced Quality Control and Assurance. ➢ If Pharmacy Teachers get an Advanced Training in giant Pharmaceutical Industries, Big Hospitals. ➢ If Industrial Training of Student Pharmacists are arranged in three different Pharmaceutical Industries including one API Plant. They should be guided by their Teachers during training who will accompany with & lead the team and provide classroom instructions each day after training. ➢ If Pharmacy Universities recruit highly experienced Industrial Pharmacists part-time having Manufacturing, Product Research & Development, Plant Operation, Quality Assurance, Product Management, Regulatory, Warehouse & Procurement and Marketing Experience etc., ➢ If Pharmaceutical Industries begin specialized R&D Laboratory for new drug design and improvement of the existing system utilizing knowledge and innovative...
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