The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Topics: Coaching, Coach Canada, Jonathan Coachman Pages: 6 (2051 words) Published: March 23, 2012
1) What is my opinion about the statement, “What you are missing you already have”? I totally agree with it, since I have seen it play out in my life. I grew up in a household of lack thinkers. It was common to hear things like; “It’s always something,” “People like us can’t just can’t get ahead,” “With my luck…” Therefore, most of my adult life I spent chasing something that I thought I wanted. The perfect job, car, situation always seemed to be just out of grasp. I paid for a New age type conference in Scottsdale Arizona. I signed up for a Psychic ability workshop. I came away with a different understanding. What happened was I got seated next to some total strangers. As polite conversations took place, some ah-ha moments happened. I revealed that I do Healing Touch. With that modality, I can attune to a patient’s energy fields. As I described my abilities, strengths and talents, a small group of onlookers appeared. Many made comments like, “I wish I could do that,” and “You are amazing”. I also witnessed someone who passed out after a seminar. I responded, and was able to talk to the person who was lying on the floor waiting for EMS. A small group of hotel staff and well-meaning strangers appeared. A physician was there too. However, the doctor was trying to ask the fallen patient many questions about her health history. In fact, the doctor was literally asking the patient a question while she was throwing up. I could not believe it!. As the scene unfolded, I realized that all of my feelings of inadequacy, and thoughts of being an imposter were invalidated right then & there. A light bulb went off over my head as I realized that I can be of service. I will know what to do in times of crisis. Furthermore, my emotional sensitivity is actually a blessing in dealing with patients when know one else (even those who are professional caregivers and extremely intelligent) is actually listening to the patient. I have seen many example of my gifts and talents arise when I least expect it. I can fulfill a role and serve a niche. The important part to note is that I need to follow my intuition and not over-think things. All of the gifts, skills and talent have been with me all along. My searching for something I already have seemed ridiculous to me once I realized that is what I’ve been doing most of my life. Now I embrace my abilities.

Where is this true in my life? This concept appears when I undertake something new, like a class. Particularly this coaching course. Many time I felt like an imposter, and inadequate. However, as the classes came & went, I realized that the skills I have fit in perfectly for becoming a coach. Especially when I pay attention to spirit and energy when I coach. It seems to be a golden opportunity for me to utilize all of my previous academic, work and personal life experiences to be an effective Health & Wellness Coach.

2) What do I believe about the statement, “Everyone has a big dream”? I believe that the statement is true. In fact, I hear snippets of conversations everyday that elude to the dissatisfaction most people seem to have when they talk about their jobs, family life or education. Many people wish they were doing something else. I meet very few people that are doing what they absolutely love. However, most seem to settle for the mundane, safe and secure.

What is my big dream? I want to be a successful Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Coach and Author.

How am I fulfilling on my dream? I am a practicing Healer by providing Healing Touch to patients at Hudson, WI Hospital. I recently taught 2 classes (Winter Quarter) at the Minnesota School of Business. I also had an article “Healing Touch” published in Twin Cities Naturally April 2009. Therefore, I am living small aspects of my dream. I hope to make more money at it and be in demand more once I fulfill the Life Coach Practitioner requirements. Then I will feel legitimate and be ready!

3) What was the invisible wall of fear...
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