The Dream Act: Is It a Threat to the Nation?

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Dream Act Should Not Be Approved
The Dream Act would offer amnesty to undocumented immigrants who enter the country before the age of 15. The bill would grant permanent residency (and then citizenship) to an undocumented immigrant if the person completes two years of college or service in the military. Under this bill, millions of people would make their dream come true. However, the Dream Act is a threat to the nation's security, economy, and is unfair to the other people who are seeking US permanent residency. The Dream Act will contribute to our military’s recruitment effort and readiness (Miranda). However, the truth is this might be a serious threat to our nation. Because these beneficiaries were not born in the United States, they might not have loyalty to our nation and might join the military for US citizenship. When our country needs them, they might not be willing to sacrifice themselves or may easily turn against the United States. Some of them might become spies, working for other countries. The DREAM Act will have important economic benefits (Miranda). In fact, this bill will deeply hurt our fragile economy. Under the Dream Act, these illegal immigrants now can legally take our jobs. This would tremendously increase the unemployment rate and will result in more people claiming unemployment benefits. At the same time, these illegal students can acquire government financial aid that will increase government expenses. Once they obtain legal residency, they definitely would petition their parents to become permanent residents, and their parents would share our social security benefits without making any contribution. The Dream Act would encourage more people to sneak into the United States and tourists and foreign students would illegally stay because they might think American law is negotiable, and they might think there could be another form of The Dream Act in the future, which could benefit them. That is the reason why Border Control and...
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