The Dream Act

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    What is the historical framework of this issue?
         What is the political context of this issue?          What message does the media piece attempt to portray? Was the media coverage biased or unbiased? Was the issue sensationalized or portrayed objectively?          How might the media coverage affect the public’s perception of this issue? Does it encourage or discourage prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping?          How might this issue affect the U.S. economy and labor force?          If you were a manager affected by this issue and its media coverage, what inclusion strategies from this week’s reading might you implement to moderate the media’s effect on your employees and to promote inclusion in the workplace?

A current political issue relating to immigration involves President Obama’s DREAM Act. Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act first proposed in 2001 seeks to provide a path to legalization for eligible unauthorized youth and young adults. It does not provide permanent legal status outright to other family members. It allows individuals to apply for legal permanent resident status on a conditional basis if, upon enactment of the law, they are under the age of 35, arrived in the United States before the age of 16, have lived in the United States for at least the last five years, and have obtained a US high school diploma or equivalent. (Batalova, 2010).

Opponents of the DREAM Act say that it will result in mass amnesty, cause even more illegal immigration, will take opportunities for schooling away from American and legal resident students and does nothing for actual immigration reform. Supporters say that because provisions are tied to completing high school and some college or military service enables immigrants to obtain higher-paying jobs, there is incentive to get more education. Increased earnings translate into higher revenue for the federal government and more spending on goods and services,...
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