The Downfall of Nicholas Ii and the Romanov Dynasty

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  • Published : May 27, 2011
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The Downfall of Nicholas II and the Romanov Dynasty

The downfall of the Romanov reign in 1917 was under the power of Tsar Nicholas II. The growing number of revolutionaries from 1905 as well as the impacts of war meant that a strong leader was needed to pull Russia through the difficult times and meet the needs of the suffering communities. A combination of the difficult circumstances and the weak-will of the Tsar was what led Russia to the revolution. Many actions of Tsar Nicholas II led to social uproar that helped to motivate the revolutionaries but even without these actions the Russian revolution was somewhat inevitable. The Bolsheviks words encouraged and helped the public realise how the Tsarist reign was causing the suffering and the only solution was to overthrow them completely even after the October Manifesto was released and a Duma was made. The fall of the Romanov dynasty was not caused by one factor but a combination of the unfortunate circumstances, wrong decisions and an unsuited leader. Nicholas was not prepared to be Tsar when his father died. He is said to have sobbed to his cousin at his father’s death bed, “What is going to happen to me and to all of Russia? I am not prepared to be a tsar. I never wanted to become one. I know nothing of the business of ruling. I have no idea even how to talk to the ministers.” Many claim that it was his weak-will that led to the downfall and his lack of ability to make appropriate and correct decisions. Nicholas did not inherit many of the powerful leadership qualities held by his father and was politically naïve but as a deeply religious man he still felt it was his divine right to be Tsar. Historians that voice their opinions on Nicholas’ association with the Revolution and handling Russia during this time claim him not to have had the intellect to handle situations appropriately and say he was a bad judge of the people due to his isolation from Russia at large and his only association with the...
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