The Double Standards of Feminism

Topics: Women's rights, Human rights, Feminism Pages: 10 (4348 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Who is to say where the line is to be drawn? The line of morality, that is. The concept of “morality” is no longer taken into account by it’s literal meaning. Today’s new morphed definition of morality creates a deadly combination when brewed with modern time expressions of “feminism.” That is the problem right there. The world cannot come to precise terms with these two important concepts of “morality” and “feminism.” This is the reason for so much hypocrisy and controversy. There is certainly a basic, universal understanding of these delicate concepts that people in all fairness can concur with. However. along the many years peoples with self interests and ulterior motives have preyed on these labels to consolidate power and capital. Morality, the principle wherein takes place the discernment of right and wrong, good and bad, is brushed under the rug or given an altered meaning. Feminism, the acknowledgment of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men, has now far strayed from it’s true intent and more focuses on how much women can fearlessly expose their bodies with fashion and panache. It is unfortunate, indeed. The world is in a sad, pitiful state. Fashion industries take great advantage of these concepts, manipulating society by slapping on the label of feminism onto their overly exposing clothing lines. This isn’t a new uprising, however. It seems more like a cycle, when observed going back all the way to the decade of the “flappers” in the 1920s. A flapper was a fashionable woman who was determined to flout conventional standards of behavior, even if that meant being rebellious and immoral. Dating back to those times, women, namely in the west, have taken an interest in adopting flapper conduct. The basic point of this demeanor is to oppose conventional and widely common social principles. By doing this, women think they are empowering themselves and contributing to the cause of feminism. Nevertheless, these movements only end up downgrading the female species with dishonor and indignity and belittlement of a woman’s status in society. It is really just a matter of common sense and logical reasoning. If all self interest and bias is put aside and the matter is analytically assessed, the facts will be evident. Feminism: it can be agreed that feminism is a doctrine existing only to sustain the well being and the best interests for the female clan. Feminism is recognized to protect women, to assert their rights and equity in a world where it feels like the man is a superior being with an upper hand. The whole point of feminism is to promote a leveled social, political, and even spiritual and physical platform where both man and woman can stand shoulder to shoulder melodiously. On the contrary, however, many are apt to thinking that feminism is where women join forces to resist men, oppose anything a man proposes, and cause commotion and resentment between the two sexes. People sadly think that being a feminist means considering every man to be a misogynist. Radical feminists wrongly believe that no ruling, even suggestion, of a man should be considered, that women should never give in to what a man says, even if it is right. If a man is hot, then the woman must oppose that and be cold, if the man is right, then the woman must oppose it and be wrong. Should a man’s proposition be in the best of interests for the women, still those women would not comply, simply because the man is suggesting it. The feminists, whose original intent was to promote justice and fairness, went from not submitting to men to fully opposing them, note the difference. This really counters the intent of peaceful equality only by making it a war between the two sexes. Most women have become obsessed with finding ways to oppose a man’s wishes. These women are under the false impression that men want to own their bodily beauty and govern who gets to enjoy it. They...
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