The Door Slammed Shut, Never to Be Opened Again

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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The Priest finished off his final words, I tried to savor them knowing that after today I wanted to forget it all; not because I didn’t care, it was quite the opposite actually! It’s just that I know it would be what she wanted. As much as I tried and begged she kept flooding my mind, it’s impossible to throw something like this over your shoulder and ignore the remnants of the past.

The blackness of the day contrasted with the overwhelming sunshine and broken heat waves. It was all too much and now at least the worst part was over, I took my last and final glance to the beautiful hand carved woodwork, standard size, polished frame, finished with gold hinges and large metallic black buckles. The coffin stood.

The walk back to the car was a rush of images and an overpowering sensation of memories driven into my mind like the intricate bodywork on the stunning 1996 Rolls Royce that was driven by my chauffer, I couldn’t think about anything else but that one awful night. That one night that changed my life. Forever.

The car ride wasn’t much better the same commotions pounding the walls of my weakened cranium. I placed my hands at either temple and continually pressed harder and harder until it was painful and the pictures in my head were drowning with the pressure of my unlawful grasp. I saw the chauffer glance once or twice back at me through his rear view mirror but that was not any where near a priority of mine.

Innocent white blotches stained my face as blood slowly brought colour back to my façade. I grabbed the cold shiny metal handle and much too roughly pushed it down to me set me free, all my body leapt out unwillingly as the door swung wide open uncontrollably, releasing me into the pavements merciless lure. My head whipped the grey concrete slabs with an overwhelming impact that destroyed my senses and put me in a deep darkness.

I awoke to find a spinning ceiling fun unstably rocking back and forth above my head. I closed my eyes hoping...
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