The Divine Julius

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Julius Caesar
Steven St. George

Ms. Luzenski

Grade 10, Honors English

29 Aug, 2012

The Divine Julius

The year 100 B.C. marked the beginning of a new chapter in Roman history with the birth of Julius Caesar. Throughout his life, this Roman swordsman, dictator, soldier and lover accomplished many remarkable feats. For the entirety of his life, Gaius Julius Caesar never lost a single battle or war. His most notable achievements, the capture of Gaul and the 55 B.C. Roman invasion of Britain, demonstrated his bravery and courage to the people of the ancient world. Julius also managed to escape the clutches of Lucius Cassius and save important documents while swimming with only one arm to the nearest Caesarean ship. Caesar also revised numerous laws to defend the public, and doused social troubles of that period. Caesar received life-consulship and life-dictatorship. Julius’ other honors included a golden throne in the senate, a ceremonial chariot, and a statue. However, when offered the crown numerous times, Caesar declined. Behind each of these achievements the legendary ruler’s personality and character revealed themselves.

Gaius Julius Caesar, a man of great charisma and ambition exposed himself in many different ways to the public. To his army of soldiers, he appeared strict yet reasonable. Julius consistently kept them on their guard and alert. The emperor led his army, bareheaded in the sun, on foot rather than saddle, and traveled extremely long distances in a short amount of time. This suggested that he wanted to prove something to his troops and show them that he would not treat himself higher than them. Caesar exhibits his bravery several times throughout his life in battle. First, though outnumbered when Lucius Cassius ambushed Caesar, the bold emperor demanded Lucius’ surrender, and he accepted. Second, he proved his strength when he flung himself into the sea in order to escape an enemy and swam 200 yards to his ship with one hand....
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