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The Diversity Dilemma

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The Diversity Dilemma
When one thinks of the “typical” American family one may think of a Caucasian mom and dad with a couple of kids. They may assume that the father or both parents work, and they live in a nice suburban neighborhood with a minivan out front. This stereotype is decades old. Unfortunately the majority still thinks of this as the American way of life. Society has either ignored or shut their minds off to all the diversity in this country. America is filled with so many different races, religions, and family structures, yet the typical person still has the above mentioned stereotype persona. “Evan’s Two “Moms” by Anna Quindlen, “The Media’s Image of Arabs” by Jack G. Shaheen, and “Separate and Unequal: America’s Children, Race, and Poverty” by Marian Wright Edelman and James M. Jones all show how America is now a diverse nation. People say that America has progressed in acceptance of all races and family structures, but in reality America is still quite behind. In “Evan’s Two Moms” Quindlen speaks her mind about how family structure needs to be redefined to include gay and lesbian couples. Through the use of ethos this essay shows how Americans need to become more accepting of same sex couples. The examples in this essay are compelling and prove that the gay and lesbian communities are still being discriminated against. One example is a woman in Georgia had her job offer as a lawyer withdrawn after the Attorney General found out she and her lesbian lover were planning a marriage ceremony (Quindlen 2). This proves that people are shallow enough to take a job offer away just based on the simple fact that she was a lesbian. Quindlen also states that gay and lesbian couples share, “No joint tax returns. No health insurance coverage for an uninsured partner. No survivor's benefits from Social Security. None of the automatic rights, privileges and responsibilities society attaches to a marriage contract (Quindlen 2).” The last example Quindlen...

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