The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper
Sophia Martinez
Psychology 490 Capstone Course in Psychology
October 5, 2011
Giselle Gourrier, Ph.D.

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper
Psychology is a discipline that has extensive implications for other areas of science while simultaneously maintaining a narrow concern for the derivation of scientific knowledge about human and non-human behavior (Stanovich, 2010). This paper is concerned with the assessment of two sub-disciplines and sub-topics within psychology, theoretical perspective of the sub-disciplines, and the psychological contribution to society on the chosen sub-disciplines and sub- topics. Diversity on major concepts

There are 54 subdivisions of psychology within the American Psychological Association (APA), comprising diverse areas of practice and research that is provided (Stanovich, 2010). Psychology is best described by being a collection of individual theories that cover limited aspects of behavior to ultimately bring together one theory. Diversity influences psychology’s major concept by making them more generally related to all cultural backgrounds and individuals. However, the differences between cultures can play a fundamental role in these major concepts and how there interpreted in the cultures. For instance, two concepts too evaluate is collectivism versus individualism that describe enormous differences between cultural backgrounds of individuals. Collectivistic society’s customs imply that individuals are integrated from birth into strong, cohesive groups that protect him or her in exchange for absolute loyalty. Traditionally seen in oriental and eastern cultures with a strong emphasizes on maintain strong family ties. Individualistic concept implies individualism, everyone is expected to look after ones’s self or close family, and that’s it (Brouwer, 2008-2009). Two Sub-Disciplines and Sub-Topics

One of the concepts being assessed is Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O)...
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