The Diverging Society

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Originally, when the English first colonized America there was no diversity in the newly established country. All people were white, English, and Protestant, which was how the Americans were classified before it became one of the most diverse countries in the world. An extreme variety of people came from all over the world with different race, ethnicity, and religious views came to America because of land, religion, and slavery.

The one essential item a person needs to start building a stable foundation for their business or home is land. When people started settling in the south, they found different crops to grow and more ways to make money. But in order to make an abundance of the crop you need cheap labor to help you out. This is when the Americans brought back an ancient, even biblical, way of getting cheap labor, slavery. They brought Africans to America to be bought by plantation owners and other wealthy people to tend their land. When thousands of Africans were being brought on huge ships back to America, it created a lot of diversity in race and ethnicity throughout the nation. As seen in Document D there is highlighted areas, mostly in the south, that show where Africans were settled.

Religion was always a dividing factor in a colony or nation. Document A proves that when the English first settled here they were used to the strict rules of the Protestants and the Church of England as stated in the Maryland Act of Toleration. When the English came to settle in America, mostly to separate from the Church of England, some of them became Quakers. Also, when the Scotch- Irish immigrated here they brought with them the Roman Catholic religion, which spread rapidly around the country.

As America started farming more and growing their own crops we also started to need more labor. When the Scotch-Irish began to immigrate here they came over with no money at all. So the colonists used them as indentured servants, to tend the fields and help around the...
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