The Distinctive Characteristics of Pre-Modern Japan Hero

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Japanese 251
The Distinctive Characteristics of Pre-modern Japan Hero
Every country had own historical heroes or mythology. Even though many heroes had different name, characters, and the reasons why the hero appeared, all heroes showed similarities. They all had uncommon power compared to other ordinary people. One would not say that the person was hero because of extraordinary power. It was important how to using the strong abilities. Heroes always worked for the good of the others in most stories. If the person who had extraordinary abilities worked for own happiness or own right and interests, he or she could not be hold in high esteem from others. In addition, most heroes must show the wise act characteristics. Hero or heroine did not make any problems in their society or group. Therefore, common hero means that person sacrificially used their uniquely strong power and always showed acting wisely. Even though pre-modern Japanese heroes also similar characteristics with other common hero, they gave distinctive meaning of the hero or heroine compared to common heroes. First of all, Japanese heroes did not emphasize the act of herolike characteristics. For example, the typical hero such as Super man or Wonder Woman always showed act of herolike. The act of herolike means that they never killing ordinary people. In addition, they did not avoid against any injustice moment because it means that those behavior represented the work of own rights and interests. However, there were no strict herolike behaviors in premodern Japanese heroes or heroin. When Susanowo used violence to his sister who was Amaterasu, Amaterasu felt fear and she eventually avoid that moments. “With that, Amaterasu was terrified; she opened the door of the heavenly rock cave, went in, and locked the door light.” (Course Packet 38). As common hero or heroine never avoid that violent moment, hiding in rack cave was different point compared to common heroes. In other words, the act...
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